Dublin South West Branch

www.irishprematurebabiesgroup.ie/ Irish Premature Babies is a voluntary organisation that provides support and advice to parents of premature babies.

www.nurturehealth.ie Post-natal depression Support Services. It also provides support for depression in pregnancy and traumatic birth.

www.pnd.ie A Cork-based organisation that provides support and advice for women suffering from postnatal depression and their families.

www.miscarriage.ie Website of The Miscarriage Association of Ireland, a charitable and voluntary body that provides help and support to parents who have lost a baby through miscarriage.

www.alittlelifetime.ie A Little Lifetime Foundation website. This organisation provides support to parents and families of a baby has died at birth or is expected to die shortly after birth.

www.parentline.ie Parentline is a voluntary organistion which runs a helpline that provides support, guidance and information to parents and guardians.

www.onefamily.ie One Family provides support services for one-parent families in Ireland and the professionals working with them.

www.anamcara.ie Anam Cara Parent Bereavement Support for parents and families who have lost a child.