Dublin South West Branch

Email us on info@cuidiudsw.ie for general queries or on contact details below and we will be in touch soon.

The 2021 Cuidiú Dublin South West Committee:

Branch Coordinator/Chairperson: Laura Peters coordinator.cuidiudsw@gmail.com

Treasurer: Joanna Shaffalitzky treasurer.cuidiudsw@gmail.com

Secretary: Aoife Dineen membership.cuidiudsw@gmail.com

Antenatal Rep: Fidelma Whelan

Breastfeeding Rep: Becky Candler breastfeeding.cuidiudsw@gmail.com

Parent2Parent Rep: Sian Clarke p2pcuidiudublinsw@gmail.com

Cuidiú a Dó: Brenda O’Malley-Farrell

Cuidiú+ : Sinead Davis

Playgroup Rep: Mercedes Trinchero

Events Sheet Co-ordinator: Fidelma Whelan

Website Editors: Sinead Davis website.cuidiudsw@gmail.com

Library: Sarah Lynn library.cuidiudsw@gmail.com

Printing Rep: Vraja Lila

Events: Leah Leiva, Mercedes Trinchero, Sinead Davis events.cuidiudsw@gmail.com

Afternoon Events: Anna Beattie

Social Media: Laura Peters, Sian Clarke, Anna Downey, Roisin Collins pr.cuidiudsw@gmail.com