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The 2017 Cuidiu Dublin South West Committee:

Branch Co-ordinator/Chairperson: Barbara Wickham

Treasurer: Hailey Deans

Secretary: Henna Kinsella

Antenatal Rep: Veronica Quadu

Breastfeeding Rep: Camille Whyte & Catherine McGovern Carroll – South, Veronica Quadu – West

Parent2Parent Rep: Brigina O’Riordan

ICT 2 Coordinator: Brenda O’Malley-Farrell

Cuidiú+ : Sylvaine Ní Cheallacháin

Playgroup Rep: TBC

Website Editor: Niamh Webbley-O’Gorman

Library: Niamh McGinty, Suvi Coffey – South; Alicia Lynagh – West

Breastpump: Suvi Coffey

Events: Karola McGetrick, Aoife Ni Dhubhain, Jo Denyer

Afternoon Events: Karola McGetrick

Evening Events: Jennifer Holland, Lisa Hild, Jessica Staines, Alicia Lynagh

Sunday Brunch Events: Jessica Staines

Public relations: Wendy Halpin, Sarah McCarrick,Henna Kinsella, Jessica Staines, Anna Day, Judy Czeriak

Dublin West: Veronica Quadu, Jessica Staines, Hailey Deans, Alicia Lynagh, Wendy Halpin, Niamh Webbley-O’Gorman